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EdTech Products – Try It Before You Buy It Scheme


More than 100 edtech companies have signed up to the try before you buy it scheme which allows schools to test educational technology products before spending money on them.

The LendED system launched at the Bett Show in London, has been created by the British Academic Suppliers Association (BESA), with the support of the Department for Education.

The scheme had its origins last Summer when schools requested edtech companies the possibility to test their products without having to spend their scarce resources on edtech products that they weren’t sure about.

Using the LendEd system educators can request a test of products before they buy in order to ensure it’s right for them, in return edtech companies get a review.

EdTech Companies and the Current School Funding Squeeze


Educational funding squeeze in the UK especially in England is forcing edtech companies to reduce the price of their products.

Edtech experts are claiming that edtech price rises were lower in England in comparison with the US.

Which is a clear sign of budgetary pressures schools are finding themselves under.

Patrick Hayes, director of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) argues:

“I think companies are not able to raise their prices as much here because schools don’t have the budgets to pay for existing ICT and infrastructure at the moment.

“With the Department of Education requesting that schools make considerable back office savings over the duration of this parliament, companies don’t really feel they are in a position to start raising prices. Sadly, over the past three or four years, schools have been cutting back considerably on their edtech budgets, and there’s been some very tight competition and a bit of a race to the bottom in terms of prices.”

A spokesperson of the Department for Education said: “When we launch the edtech strategy, which we will publish later this year, it will cover procurement for edtech products and suggest ways that schools can feel more confident and ensure they get value for money when buying edtech products.”

Edtech company Pi-Top Launches New Computer Pi-top 4

pi-top edtech
pi-top edtech

Pi-Top one of the leading edtech companies in the world launched their new pi-top 4 on Wednesday the 23rd of January during the BETT Show at London Excel.

Pi-top 4 is powered by the hugely successful Raspberry Pi computer and it easily connects to other PCs such as Windows, Macs and Chromebooks, making deploying code and retrieving results easy. It also works out of the box with numerous existing screens, keyboards and mice.


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