5 Innovative EdTech Startups

5 Innovative EdTech Startups
5 Innovative EdTech Startups

Five Innovative Education Technology Startups

1 – Aula Education

Aula is a communication platform for education that brings engagement to the core of the digital student experience by replacing learning management systems.

Website: Aula Education

2- WhiteHat

We believe apprenticeships should be prioritised as a way of empowering young people to build great careers, without first having to pursue 3 years of university education and absorb increasing levels of debt. We match non-graduate talent with apprenticeship opportunities at some of the UK’s most exciting companies. By delivering training in partnership with world-class content providers, through a combination of 1:1 coaching and cutting-edge tech, we offer apprenticeships that genuinely rival the learning experience at elite universities.

Website: WhiteHat

3- LerarnLife

Learnlife is the open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm. We are a collaborative community of innovative educators, lifelong learners and changemakers from around the world, initiating positive educational change.

Website: LearnLife

4 – LeQuest

LeQuest was founded to help the healthcare industry deal with the ever-increasing dependency on medical technology. We aim to improve the quality of care by empowering healthcare professionals to use medical technology with confidence and competence. Our service solution trains and certifies healthcare professionals for the use of medical technology through customized, online e-trainings.

Website: LeQuest

5 – 360 Learning

The 360Learning vision is simple: reform e-learning and make digital training an exciting collective adventure.

Website: 360 Learning


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